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How Netflix Works

Posted by Clark Bunch on April 21, 2014

Screenshot 2014-04-21 at 12.58.19 PMOne of the Netflix FAQ’s asks “How does Netflix work?” It works like this:

1) Go to the website and login to your account.
2) Search for the movie you want to see.
3) Netflix tells you that movie is unavailable for streaming but you can get it from Netflix on DVD. 
4) Drive to Redbox and rent it for $1 or check Xfinity on Demand to see what it costs to watch instantly.
(optional step 5) Keep paying Netflix every month, and wonder why?

 I know it costs money to license films for online streaming. Which is why Netflix sells memberships instead of giving them away. Here’s an idea: IF NETFLIX WOULD QUIT BUYING A THOUSAND DVD’S EVERY TIME A NEW MOVIE COMES OUT THEY WOULD HAVE MORE MONEY.
You know who used to buy DVD’s and rent them out? Blockbuster.

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Family Easter Pic

Posted by Clark Bunch on April 21, 2014

I guess it’s something of a tradition. When Johannah was 2 we took of picture of her wearing her new Easter dress and holding her Easter basket. We always dress our best for Easter Sunday so it’s naturally a great time to take a family picture. So here is our 2014 Easter portrait.


And here’s me with bunny ears, not yet a tradition but who knows?

Screenshot 2014-04-20 at 8.41.35 AM


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Motorcycle ish

Posted by Clark Bunch on April 16, 2014

I’m not saying it wouldn’t be fun to ride once, but really? You need all that?

Screenshot 2014-04-16 at 3.20.29 PM

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Mom’s Idea of Lunch

Posted by Clark Bunch on April 6, 2014

muffinsWhen I’m responsible for lunch on Sunday, I may have the foresight to put a roast and potatoes/vegetables in a Crock Pot early that morning. It’s nice to come home from church and lunch is ready to eat promptly at 12:30. I might even go to Cracker Barrel and order some good Southern cooking like country fried steak. But even after growing up in the South and never getting far from my “raising” I still don’t think like Mom.

Mom just sliced up some squash, potatoes and onions and fried them together, while cornbread muffins were baking to scoop black-eyed peas over. That’s the difference Mom makes.

*For the record, cornbread should not be sweet. If you add sugar to your cornmeal mix you’re doing it wrong. For the love of God don’t do what my public school cafeteria did back in the 80′s: put chocolate frosting on yesterday’s cornbread and call it cake today.

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The Other Blog Story

Posted by Clark Bunch on March 4, 2014

Why auther two blogs? That’s a legitimate question and the honest answer is that I never meant to. Michael Spencer was the Internet Monk, Doug Wilson had Blog and Mablog, and I wanted a cool title that was catchy and not easily forgotten. Everything I came up with was already taken so I let WordPress generate Clark Bunch’s Weblog. One blog listing site once linked to it as “Clark Bunch’s We Blog.” In May of 2008 I registered another URL, cropped The Last Supper into a banner image, and moved all existing content to The Master’s Table. I had the blog I wanted but also one that was completely empty. What I should have done, but didn’t realize at the time, was simply change the title of my blog and left the URL alone.

Clark Bunch’s Weblog became My Other Blog: Bottom File Cabinet Drawer of the Blogosphere. Over time it has also been the Happy Coffee Blog and Smile: God Loves You. It has kind of come back around with less emphasis on being identified as my other blog.

other blog banner

I blog religion and theology at The Master’s Table. There are sermons, scripture lessons, apologetics, news related to the church and missions, and the very occasional rant. Here I post spring flowers, fall leaves, motorcycles, gardening and family vacation pics. You can’t read The Master’s Table and not realize I have a sense of humor. By the same token I have been a Christian believer since age 12; it’s not something I turn off and on so the influence of the Gospel often shows through here as well. Maybe think of it this way: The Master’s Table – because I have something to say. My Other Blog – because I have to say something. We are talking about blogging after all.

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Olympic Gold: So Close Yet So Far Away

Posted by Clark Bunch on February 20, 2014

This shot ending up making the difference between gold and silver for Team USA Women’s hockey. Ouch. Thanks repeating gif image. 

so close

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted by Clark Bunch on February 14, 2014


Some will whine about Single Awareness Day, or quip about fake holidays made up by greeting card companies. I met my wife on Valentine’s Day. 17 years, 5 addresses and 1 child later and yeah, we still celebrate Valentine’s. I read today that 233 million roses were grown last year just for Valentine’s Day. So celebrate with us; or not. This is America and that’s your right.

Happy Valentine’s Day. 

clark, teresaRecently

wedding daynot recently

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Tweet Tweet

Posted by Clark Bunch on February 14, 2014

twitter bird To whom it may concern, Clark Bunch is now on Twitter. @clarkjbunch is my Twitter handle, be sure to get the middle initial in there. Expect quippy one-liners, links to posts here and The Master’s Table, updates from real life as well as other fun things I probably don’t know about yet.


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Uncle Jay Explains, Feb 10

Posted by Clark Bunch on February 13, 2014

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Snow Pics 2014

Posted by Clark Bunch on February 13, 2014

Some years in the South we get no snow at all. We had one of those last year. So far this winter we have been blessed (I’m going to say blessed) with two. A giant storm dumped snow, ice and wintry mix from Dallas, TX to Augusta, GA then all the way up the coast to New York City. This is not the 2″ that shut down Atlanta in January. We actually experienced two different fronts that brought 4″ worth of accumulation twice in the same week.

Here are just a few snowy pics that I took myself in northwest Georgia.

Teresa with JojoMy wife Teresa with daughter Johannah

Johannah sized snowmanWe made a Johannah sized snowman.

Johannah smilesBig smile!

crape myrtleCrape Myrtle tree; normally pink, also lovely in white.

gardenia bushWhite gardenia bush. Normally 6 or 7 feet high, here it’s bent down to about 4.

fence postsLook at these fence post tops. That is some sticky stuff.

frozen lines 2While we never lost power you can clearly see the potential for problems. A little bit of sleet/freezing rain caused the snow to grab hold of everything.

tree removal 2Here the local utility company removes a pine tree that bent across the street resting on our power lines. The line did not break but we were kind of trapped until they cut the tree away.

creek Pic posted by a friend. This weather is beautiful yet dangerous since we only get it once in a while.

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