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The Other File, post #2

Posted by Clark Bunch on May 31, 2009

When I packed for vacation, I forgot to include my flip flops.  In the great scheme of things it’s no big deal since I seldom where flops anyway.  But my mother heard me mention it, so she went out on Memorial Day and bought me these:



What is the Other File? 

When Matt Groening created the Simpsons, he made everyone that famous yellow color so that no matter how viewers adjusted their sets the picture would never look quite normal.  That’s what the Other Files are like; when a post is just so Other Blogish that I can give it no better title or description than, well… other.

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3 Responses to “The Other File, post #2”

  1. Doraz said

    Love those flip flops!
    Funny take on other! :)

  2. Tony said

    NO BIG DEAL???? Are you nuts???? The whole world revolves around flip flops, (we call them thongs here in Tasmania) I couldn’t imagine life as we know it without my thongs. Thongs give meaning to life, Thongs give excitement to life, thongs are the life giving source of all existence…..
    I really like my thongs in case you hadn’t noticed :-D

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