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Do You Know About P2?

Posted by Clark Bunch on July 31, 2009

A full year after I left Xanga for Myspace, Xanga sent me an e-mail saying they missed me.  I forgot that I had an account there.  I logged in to find that Xanga was a lot more Myspace-ish than it had been.  After joining Facebook, I’ve seen Myspace copy some of the things we like about Facebook, and Facebook try to incorporate some of Myspace’s features.  Each social networking platform wants to have/be what it is that everyone wants. 

WordPress is not a social networking site; it’s about blogging which is about writing.  BUT… even the people that run it (Automatic) were on Twitter everyday and not blogging.  Facebook and Twitter are fast; instantaneous actually.  If something happens, you know about it immediately.  What if you could blog on WordPress and see comments appear in real time?  What if you could post an update and have it appear without even refreshing the page?  What if you could write a post right on your page (like, oh I don’t know… Facebook) without going to the editor? 

The WordPress people asked themselves the same questions, and then published P2.  The P2 theme is available to and .com users alike.  Watch this video; it’s located at the P2 theme’s website.  For more back story/history, read a post by Matt entitled How P2 Changed Automatic.

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One Response to “Do You Know About P2?”

  1. i love the theme. i love wordpress too. it is easy to handle and lots of plugins available to make things better. i stucked in some places like automatic posting like in twitter and user pictures. some sites are showing threded postings as well which i could not do with the one i downloaded from itself. i don’t know if i need to modify some codes which i don;t have any knowledge and to add more plugins? please suggest.

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