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All 50 States Have Petitioned to Secede

Posted by Clark Bunch on November 15, 2012

All 50 states are now represented by petitions calling for secession from the Union.  You have got to be kidding me.

I wrote last Wednesday that the failure of one’s candidate to win election does not equal the downfall of democracy.  While the popular vote was much closer than in the electoral college, President Obama has been lawfully elected to a second term.  The people voted, the system works.

There are probably very few people that expect their state to actually withdraw from the United States.  This is an act of protest, which some have cited as no more than a temper tantrum.  No state governors are backing any petition signature drives.  Texas, however, has collected more than 105,000 signatures; 25,000 are needed to get an official White House response.  And Senator Ron Paul says that secession is “an American principle.”

Perspective: While all 50 states are represented by at least one petition, only seven states have the 25,000 signatures needed to get an official response from the White House.  Does Texas have over 100,000 signatures?  Yes, but that’s only like 1% of their state population.

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