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Painting the Gnome

Posted by Clark Bunch on April 25, 2014


Photo1392Our garden gnome was looking pretty pale. Most of his color was either very faded or chipping away. When I planted the flower beds last summer I stuck the gnome as far away as I could at the other end of the house so nobody would see him. Here’s a few more “before” pics, click any image to view full size:




I bought six small tubes of acrylic paint – red, yellow, blue, white, black and brown – and a small assortment of different sized brushes. I spent less than $10 and a few relaxing hours on the back porch in no particular hurry. I let the four-year-old help. Below are the “after” pics.



I can see small imperfections but no one is going to be looking this closely. He looked very tired and shabby before and I find the end result extremely satisfying. I plan to spray him with some sort of clear coat with UV protection before placing him back in the flower garden.


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