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Archive for the ‘F.Y.I.’ Category

The Future of Cookbooks

Posted by Clark Bunch on June 18, 2012

This article (by L.V. Anderson for Slate) argues that cookbooks will go extinct.  Cookbook sales are up and there are more cooking shows (and channels) than ever before.  Don’t confuse Anderson with the facts.

I was working in retail in 1996 when some writer or magazine predicted the end of coupons.  They were expected to disappear by the year 2000, and all the reasoning made perfect sense at the time.  Guess what.  Enter extreme couponing.

At the end of 1899 a popular magazine of the time made predictions for the 20th century.  A few of them were dead on; most were not.  One notable failure was the notion that by the end of the 20th century the alphabet would consist of fewer letters, X and Q being done away with.

I put about as much stock in the demise of cookbooks as I do in the misguided notion the Myans predicted the end of the world.  Check back with me in 10 years (if myself/ this blog/ the internet all still exist).

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Red Means Stop

Posted by Clark Bunch on June 15, 2012

Our daughter Johannah, not yet 3 years old, knows that red means stop and green means go.  She can spot a stop sign from over a hundred yards.  But… why do red and green mean stop and go?

The very first traffic light, installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London in December 1868, had red and green gas lamps for nighttime use. The device was pretty crude, and less than a month after it went operational, it exploded and killed the unfortunate traffic cop who was operating it.

Continue reading this post at Mental Floss.  In short, red and green were borrowed from the railroad industry which used several colors to indicate different conditions.  Red and green were used by other heavy industries of the time, green usually indicating machinery was operating, red that it had or was stopped.  Why were those colors used on machinery control panels?  Now that is the right question.

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What You Need to Succeed

Posted by Clark Bunch on May 5, 2012

Forbes Magazine (and by extension their website) is focused on business.  Intelligence is Overrated: What You Really Need to Succeed  is an article about success in business, but the principles apply to other walks of life as well.  Success is less about IQ and more about EQ, MQ and BQ; Emotional Intelligence, Moral Intelligence and Body Intelligence.

Some of the tips for improvement should be second nature for Christians and just plain common sense for all of us.

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History Myths

Posted by Clark Bunch on May 5, 2012

One of the blogs I follow is called History Myths Debunked.  The latest myth, #87 in the series, involves brick vs. loose leaf tea.  The posts deal largely with American History in particular.

I happen to enjoy history, but I realize it’s not everyone’s… cup of tea.

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Steve Brown etc.

Posted by Clark Bunch on May 5, 2012

<– That guy is Steve Brown.  He is a seminary professor, radio host, blogger and all around good guy.  I think he looks like Tim Allen’s boss on Last Man Standing, but that’s not important right now.

The SBE icon under Clicky Links redircts to Steve Brown etc. where Steve and friends write, blog and podcast.  I first heard of his radio broadcast/podcast when he interviewed Michael Spencer a few years ago.  I have recommended him before on The Master’s Table but can’t believe he was not on the blogroll all this time.  Well he is now.  There are actually two listings at Mast Tab, one for Steve Brown etc. and another specifically for the podcast.  I do something else here on My Other Blog, by associating an icon with each blog or website.  That takes the place of the traditional blogroll.

I’ve often thought about podcasting, or even vlogging (vlog = video blog), but until I do you can listen Steve Brown right now.

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Makes Me Smile :-D

Posted by Clark Bunch on March 26, 2012

On the left-hand side bar is a list of images under the heading Quotables.  Click any one of these to view full size, then return with your back button.  On the right-hand of the this screen I plan to start a collection of pictures that make me smile.  This may be my favorite picture of Jesus ever, and Easter happens to be in a couple of weeks.

*This image was produced by Simon Dewey, a contemporary Christian artist.  Many of his prints are available for sale here.

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Tweeking the Blogroll

Posted by Clark Bunch on March 26, 2012

When My Other Blog became SMILE God Loves You, I dropped some of the old links from the blogroll.  I’ve been looking for sites that are inspirational, quirky, funny, and share my appreciation for every good and perfect gift.  FYI, the blogroll is on the left-hand side bar under the heading “Clicky Links.”  Each entry has an image associated with it.

Luisa Doraz (Believe in Yourself) dropped off the map there for a while, I’m glad to see she has return to the blogosphere.  The newest add to Clicky Links is Donkey Whisperer Farm.  That sounds quirky enough, right?  Melody combines a love of God and Jesus with farming, donkeys, horses, mules, cats, dogs and all living things.

Each time a reader leaves a comment or likes a post, I usually give their site a look. Sometimes I follow their blog a while before recommending them to my readers.  That’s how it works folks :-D

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Smile :-D God Loves You

Posted by Clark Bunch on March 20, 2012

Happy Coffee is happy!

Smiles are contagious.  When is the last time you smiled at someone and got nothing back?

People smile when they’re happy, but it also works the other way.  Hold a pencil sideways between you lips, flexing the same muscles you would to smile, and it will affect your brain chemistry improving your mood.  Don’t use your teeth; that flexes the facial muscles used to frown, and your mood will worsen.

Perhaps your e-mail reply was accidentally sent to “replay all.”  Maybe you just pushed 3 times on a door labeled “pull.”  Have you ever loudly corrected someone, only to find out 10 seconds later you were wrong?  Smile, God still loves you.

But sometimes… You walk into Burger King and then find out it’s free french fry day! Instead of stealing your money the vending machine drops two candy bars!  Maybe you just saw this or someone email you this.  James 1 says “every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.”  What he means to say is “Smile, God loves you.”

Most days get lumped into the category of ordinary.  Some days we are so richly blessed beyond measure we actually realize it.  And, let’s be honest, some days are crap.  So maybe you dropped your ice cream cone; some kids have never seen an ice cream cone.  Maybe it rained on your parade; some countries pray every day for rain and it still doesn’t.  If you feel bad about not having shoes, just wait ’till you meet a guy with no feet.  Your crappy day is probably still better than somebody’s every day.  Smile, God loves you.

What better reason could there be?  Who among us is lovable?  (Pause; think about that before you answer.  Consider all that God sees, including in the mind and heart.  Who among us is lovable?)  And yet, God loves you.

Smile.  Smile at people that don’t deserve it.  Smile because it makes other people smile.  There’s a whole psychology about how to use smiles to your advantage.  Shame on you; but smile anyway.

My Other Blog is now SMILE God Loves You.  Jesus was about to be tried, falsely convicted, beaten, then crucified.  And among his last words to his followers were “These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.” (John 15:11 ESV)  We focus on everything bad that happened that week, but Jesus was focused on the joy that was set before him; and he wanted us to share in that.  I will post all the things here that make me smile, and every single one is a gift.  From God.  He said so.

It takes fewer muscles to smile than frown.

When you smile, the whole world smiles with you.

And when people ask why you’re smiling…

tell them God loves them too.

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The Bottom File Cabinet Drawer of the Blogosphere

Posted by Clark Bunch on March 18, 2012

My Other Blog, the bottom file cabinet drawer of the blogosphere, has run its course.  It was and still is a great idea, but I simply cannot devote the time and energy to make this project everything I would like it to be.

All posts will stay where they are, nothing is being deleted.  You can search by month or by category in the right-hand sidebar.

Each of the pages located at the top of the screen will be archived as posts.  The Cuteness Archives, Funny Foto File and One-Liner Archives can be found at these links.  Even though we’ve come to the end of this particular road, I’m not burning any bridges.  If something in my brain snaps I can always put everything back the way it was.

I do have plans for this site.  Stay tuned for further instructions.


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How a Dog’s Brain Works

Posted by Clark Bunch on March 10, 2012

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