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Posts Tagged ‘World Cup’

Sorry Sports Fans

Posted by Clark Bunch on July 12, 2010

CBS had pre-written headlines for both possible outcomes of the the World Cup finals.  The following was accidentally published on their world cup portal at  Oops.

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I Take It Back

Posted by Clark Bunch on June 18, 2010

Yesterday I responded to all the flack USA takes for not caring about soccer.  I noted that the World Cup is only played every 4 years, and even then nobody ever scores.  I didn’t care how the US did… until we were robbed.

Koman Coulibaly, a.k.a. Sleepy Eyes

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A World Cup Rant

Posted by Clark Bunch on June 17, 2010

UPDATE: Read this instead.

The world is watching World Cup 2010 this week in South Africa.   Most of the world anyway.  Plenty of people can’t help but take a jab at Americans for not caring about soccer.  I’m not one to complain; I’m just responding to the critisms of others.

The American pastime is baseball.  The World Series may not feature teams from around the world, but at least they play one every year.  It’s a good thing I don’t care that much about the world cup, since there will not be another one until 2014.

You know the good thing about baseball?  The teams score. A 0-0 tie does not prove that both teams excel at defense; it means they both suck.  Sports in America don’t end in ties.  Baseball has extra innings, football and basketball go into overtime.  We want to see someone win.  A tie – especially tied at zero – means both team loose.  People pay money for this?

Maybe the world is right.  Perhaps I need to tune in, scream at the television for two hours, then feel proud that both teams are equal in every way.  Or maybe I’ll get my Canadian friend to explain curling to me again.

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