I’m on the Real Internet

The guy came yesterday and installed our DSL.  That’s right; for the past 8 years we’ve only had dial-up.  I found out just a year or so ago that my 2000 year-model Gateway, running Windows 98, doesn’t even have a 56K modem.  Up until about February, we were using a 28.8 modem.  That was the only internet access we had at home.  So anytime you see a blog post with pictures, that means I uploaded them from school.  It’s not a big a deal as it sounds.  I can walk from here to my classroom in about 10 min if I’m in a hurry.  But still, I have stayed in the Ministry Center office blogging until 2 a.m. on more than one occasion.  What a comfort to my wife to know that instead of being in the office at work until 2 in the morning, I’ll be in our office here at home until 2 in the morning. 

Seriously (although that wasn’t a joke) I can check my e-mail, glance my blog stats, and catch up on CNN Headlines News blog what I missed overnight all before heading out the door in the morning.  We can be on the internet for hours without worrying who’s call we’re missing.  My boss once tried calling on a Sunday night to see if our Men’s Bible study was meeting the next morning, and never got through.  All my family lives in GA, and I’ll be able to stay in touch with my brother more often.  He updates his MySpace like every hour it seems like.  Teresa’s family is in Germany, and she can fially video conference her mother like they’ve been daydreaming about for years.  It will be a lot of fun, but this will also make me more productive. 


About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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