Weekly update (weight loss)

I promised to update regularly on my weight loss efforts, because that gives me a sense of accountability.  (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post.) They truth is, last week when I said my weight was 260, I was guessing. I was upstairs in the office, the scales were downstairs. So to be fair, my weight last week was actually 256.

This week’s update: 254.

Our fall drama production was this week, so that meant long hours, extra stress, and on some nights eating very late. I still managed to stay active enough to lose 2 pounds, so those 2 pounds are a greater victory than you might realize.


About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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4 Responses to Weekly update (weight loss)

  1. Kim Straton says:

    Congrats on the two pounds. My job has me eating at strange hours and I know how hard it is to even break even some times.


  2. Raphael says:

    Try exercising (fast walk or run) before eating anything first thing in the morning. It really works.


  3. Nice site. I am really looking to lose weight. I just cant seem to get started.
    What do you suggest as the best diet program out there?


  4. Clark Bunch says:

    I don’t recommend any program out there, per se. My advice to anyone is to use common sense. Diet programs are fads that tend to come and go. Basic wisdom tells us that if we expend more calories than we consume, we will lose weight. Some of the things people do to achieve that do more harm than good.

    My weight loss routine is to adjust my diet to be high in protein, low in fat. I don’t cut out meat, but I cut down my intake of meat and eat more vegetables. The rule of thumb for milk is 24 in 24. Consuming 24 ounces of milk every 24 hours helps boost whatever weight loss plan your using. Even if that’s not true, skim milk provides lots of protein with no fat, and also vitamins A, D, and calcium.

    My weight problem is caused by eating outside of normal meal time. I can eat from 4 p.m. until bedtime, every day of the week. My weight loss plan is the eat the way I described above, and only during the 3 meals each day. (My breakfast is typically bran flakes and skim milk. Boosting whole grain intake helps you feel full longer.) I also up my level of physical activity. You don’t have to run 5 miles everyday, just add some exercise or just walking to what you already do in a given day. Decreasing calories, adding physical activity. Don’t overdo it; it took me 4 years to go from 200 lbs. to 265. I know I can’t loose it in 3 months.


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