Weekly Update (Nov 9)

This week’s weight loss update: 251

scaleI don’t know if anyone if following this or not, but I feel that reporting on it regularly keeps me honest.  Over the past couple of days my indecisive scale has said everything from 255 to 249.  Just now it read 251 3 times in a row, so it seems pretty sure; for now.  That’s down from 265 on October the 5th.  You may recall my goal was to loose 25 pounds by Christmas.  I just passed the halfway mark, but coming up later this month: Thanksgiving!  The mother of all food holidays.  What’s a fatboy to do?


About Clark Bunch

Clark Bunch is the pastor of Unity Baptist Church and author of God is Near. He and his wife Teresa have one child. In his spare time he enjoys blogging, playing guitar and riding his motorcycle. And coffee, he'd be nowhere without coffee.
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