Shorter University?

I’m from a small southern town, and after high school considered Rome, GA as sort of like moving to the big city.  At that time Shorter College had about 900 students on their home campus in Rome, making it about twice the size of my high school.  I realized that was small for a college campus, but the student teacher ration was about 20:1, meaning the individual attention I was used to getting in class would not change.  It was also a private school, partnered with the Georgia Baptist Convention.  The people I went to college with were more like me than my high school peers had been.  Please note, I said “more like me,” and not that we were all clones of each other. 

Not far from where I now live in Kentucky, Cumberland College made the change a few years ago to The University of the Cumberlands.  University status means that several “schools” operate under one large umbrella of an institution, each headed by a dean of that school.  Shorter has been operating like that for the past decade or so, and is up to about 3,000 students on 4 campuses.  I got a letter in the mail today that Shorter College will change it’s legal designation to Shorter University.  That blows my mind.  I think of a university as like U.G.A. in Athens, or U.K. in Lexington.  Any place on Shorter’s campus can be reached on foot from any other place in about 10 minutes.  Oh well, what can I say?  Time marches on, and the only thing consistent is change.  Shorter has come a long way since 1873, when it began as the Cherokee Baptist Female College.  I’m glad they got that worked out of their system.


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