Obama and his Blackberry

obama-with-balckberryBack in November, everyone was talking about how becoming President would mean Barack Obama would have to give up his BlackBerry.  On the day of his inauguration, W. sent a farewell e-mail to several people in his address book because the President has people that do that for him.  It’s a matter of security; or at least it was.

During the campaign, Obama carried not one but two BlackBerry mobile devices.  He kept himself connected and informed instead of relying on other people to do it for him.  He surfed the web, answered calls and sent/received text about the polls and the news.  He said in November that we would be the first President with a laptop on his desk in the Oval Office.  The danger, supposedly, is with security.  There’s also the fact that everything the President says and writes is kept on record.  Every single e-mail and text message Obama sends may someday be kept on record as hard copy available for public scrutiny.  There is also the chance that an e-mail sent to the Secretary of State could be read by Al Quida.  But Obama says he’s holding on to his.  And I say good for him.

A lot of supporters are saying this will keep the President connected to the real world, not cut off from it like Bush.  I am not a Bush critic, but those that are say things like “Look where that got us.”  I like being connected myself.  For example, just a few years ago every hospital had warnings to turn off your cell phone when you entered.  I visited my aunt in the hospital over Christmas break; not only are there no signs anywhere to turn off your cell phone, the hospital provided Wi-Fi in the rooms.  My aunt used her own cell phone the whole time she was hospitalized, and I carried my laptop when I went to see her.  The world is becoming a different place, and the President should be the most connected to what is going on, not the least.


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