Obama on stimulus, faith

obama-speakingI got up this morning, signed on the Internet, and was greeted first thing by headlines that appeared to contradict each other.  An article, a printed story that accounts news events, can have a bias, but most often covers different points of view and lets the reader make a decision.  Headlines, however, try to tell the story in 10 words or less and draw you in. Here they are:

Obama ditches the teleprompter and rips critics of the stimulus package in his most partisan speech yet.  The article is about his speech Thursday night after the House passed the $819 billion stimulus package, after which Obama rejected Republican suggestions to follow up with huge tax cuts.  He abandoned his teleprompter speech and “shot from the hip” saying those were the failed policies of the last eight years.  Fair enough.

Obama expanding Bush’s faith based office.  That was the next headline I saw on the page.  One single news-source (Yahoo!) on the same page, reported that President Obama was abandoning bipartisanship and ripping the Republicans, then just a few inches away how Obama was not only continuing a Republican President’s program but expanding it.  It’s like they have an agenda, but are not quite sure what it is yet.  Maybe Obama is simply trying to do the best job he can under these stressfully unique circumstances, and the news is trying to make the story.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Here are links to the most partisan speech ever article, and expanding faith based programs article.  The faith based article contains a video link of Obama speaking at a Washington prayer breakfast.


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One Response to Obama on stimulus, faith

  1. Obama has acted exceedingly well during an impossibly troubling economic disaster, and with the onslaught of bitter Republicans with their same old s*** approach to economics.
    All credit to Obama.


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