Movie Reviews: Kung-Fu Panda, Eagle Eye, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

We just don’t get out to the theater much anymore, so when I do a movie review it’s most often a DVD.  We had a long weekend, and I got to see each of these for the first time.  I will try not to spoil just in case.

kung-fu-pandaKung-Fu Panda  Plenty of celebrities contributed their voice talents to this Dream Works production, including Jack Black as the lead.  It wasn’t the best animated film I’ve ever seen, but there was nothing wrong about it.  I don’t have any complaints, but my review is sort of lukewarm.   It was less “Jack Black” than I expected it to be.  I’m sure kids of any age would enjoy it.  The action sequences are way over the top, but that’s where all action movies have ended up.  Live action movies don’t even try to look real anymore, why should a cartoon? 

eagle-eyeEagle Eye  This movie was excellent.  It made me think I Robot meets Enemy of the State.  I will spoil this much:  the antagonist is a computer.  It was designed for American defense, but like the AI in I Robot she “reinterprets” her protocols of how best to achieve the stated objectives.  The Declaration and Constitution get the same treatment as Asimov’s 3 Laws.  There is action and special effects, but nothing in the film seems impossible.  The story is good and the characters seem real.  Highly recommended.

zohan-posterYou Don’t Mess with the Zohan  My wife and I disagree a little here.  She says this movie has a message like all Adam Sandler films do.  I’m a big fan of Click; I recommend it to lots of people.  This movie may in fact have a message, but it comes across a little weaker than the irreverent foolishness.  Zohan is Israeli counter-intelligence who is really good at his job.  His dream, however, is to come to America and be a hair stylist.  The movie uses Israeli – Hesbala conflict as its backdrop, and since coming out there has actually been a war.  It makes fun of everyone.  Perhaps I’m just a little too sensitive to all the sexual (and homosexual) references.  There are simply too many “big package” jokes for me to take the film seriously.  It’s funny; you’ll laugh.  But there is hardly a moral to the story like Sandler movies often have.


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