Basketball in Kentucky

basketballHas anyone wondered where I’ve been all week?  I have.  No, actually I’ve been working long hours as our school played host to the KHSAA 49th District Basketball Tournament.  I run the score clock for all home games, as well as serving as the spoken voice for our school.  And where we live, basketball is a big deal.  (Ever wonder who puts up new nets when the winning team cuts them down?  There’s no one taking pictures then, but yeah that’s me too.)

You see I’m from GA.  Football is a big deal in GA.  I never once went to a basketball game as a high school student.  But we held pep rallies, during school hours, before home football games.  Homecoming was centered around a football game, and the celebration lasted a week.  Look at the size of the UGA Bulldogs football stadium.  Compare that to their basketball arena, which seats like 12,000.  Kentucky is the opposite, at least in the eastern end where I now live.  Basketball is King, and the U.K. Wildcats are like gods on earth.  Go out in public wearing TN orange and you could start a riot. 

So the District Tournament was this week, and was a BIG deal.  Basketball season is over now, and so is life for most Kentuckians until this fall.  It gives me a chance to relax (which means blog) until baseball starts.  All I do for baseball is drive the bus.


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3 Responses to Basketball in Kentucky

  1. Doraz says:

    So, how did you all do???


    • Clark Bunch says:

      We drew a large public school in the draft, and didn’t expect to beat them. Hosting the tournament at our school is what made the week long, but it was fun as well.


  2. Doraz says:

    I always loved to get involved with the activities at our high school and college! It helped break yp the “routine! Take a break…then on to the next!


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