Blasts from the Past, Chris Kristofferson and Van Morrison

Step into the Way Back Machine with me. I’ve watched a couple of late-night talk shows this week, and been treated to a couple of unexpected surprises. I’m not sure how one would be treated to a suspected surprise, but I digress.

kristoffersonThe Colbert Report had Chris Kristofferson on last week. Did you know he was still alive? No seriously, Johnny and Merle are dead, Willie and Chris, well, they’re not dead yet. He performed country music standard “Help Me Make It.”  (This is the guy that wrote “Me and Bobby McGee.)


vanmorrison_smilingJimmy Fallon hosted his first Late Night Monday evening, interviewing Justin Timberlake and having Van Morrison as his musical guest. I remember Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl; I’ve since learned he sang Gloria. I wish he had performed one of those songs. I’m not really sure what he did, I only got about 5 or 6 words out of the whole thing. He played the guitar and the harmonica, I’m certain of that. I needed subtitles or something. I remember him singing in English back in the day.


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