Geocaching is the place to sign up, create an account, or simply learn more.  It’s new to me too, but here’s what I learned.

My brother invited me to go geocaching with his family this past weekend.  A cache, not to be confused with cash, is something hidden away.  You could have a cache of cash.  At you download the coordinates of cache locations in your area (they’re located all over the world) then hunt them down with a GPS reciever.  Most caches are in metal amo boxes, but they could be in anything as small as a 35 mm film canister.  Each cache is filled with small items, such as toys, key rings, money clips, pens, stickers, etc.  If you take something you are meant to replace the item with something of similar value.  Half the fun is getting there; it’s all about the search.  Some of the terrains are more difficult than others, and many involve a bit of walking.  Some caches are very difficult to reach, and are hid better than others. 

Geocaching is an activity designed to get people outside, away from their video games and, heaven forbid, their blogs for a little while.  It can be fun for the whole family, or a group activity for camping trips, boy scouts, etc.  More pics below; I’m the fat guy.   That’s my brother and nephews, and yes, they’re twins.



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