DVD Movie Reviews

madagascar-2-posterMadagascar 2 – My high school English teacher said that good movies don’t need sequels.  I admit that some sequels simply try to milk a high grossing movie into a franchise where one is not merited, but in this case Madagascar 2 is funny in it’s own right, and has it’s own plot line that continues the story.  It is not necessary to have seen the first one in order to enjoy this storyline.  I laughed out loud more than once.  I recommend this film, with or without kids to watch it with.

nims_island_poster_pic_936Nim’s Island – Not exactly what I thought it was.  I thought this movie was about how a little girl’s imagination comes to life.  That’s not the premise.  I would still recommend this film to anyone with an active imagination.  I’m glad to see Jodie Foster in anything better than Contact.  As far as I know this movie is G-rated, so good for the family.  My mother bought it, possibly to watch with grand kids, and I watched it with her.  Good clean fun, maybe on a rainy day or with the kids.


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