Polar Bears and Global Warming

AP Polar Bears ConcernAl Gore says that if the global warming trend continues, then someday the only place we can see polar bears will be in zoos.

So that means… pretty much nothing will change?


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5 Responses to Polar Bears and Global Warming

  1. Doraz says:

    LOVE IT!!!! LOL


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  3. What a sick person you are!!!!!!! What happens when the polar bears of the zoos die?!?!?!?! Huh!?!?! There will be none for you to waste your money to see!!!! If you care about the enviorment, or even if you don’t I suggest you take a trip to the Artic and see how much the polar bears are struggling!!!!! If it doesn’t we’ll know just what a sick, freaky, did I mention sick you are!!!!! How can you be such an idiot?!?!?!?! God will punish you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Clark Bunch says:

      1. It’s a joke. I do that. This website is (usually) funny, and it’s readers enjoy themselves.

      2. I’m not taking a trip to the arctic, and neither is 99.5% of the population. That’s why the joke is funny; the only place any of us will ever see a polar bear is in a zoo. (Actually, I’ve never been to the zoo either.) Have YOU been to the arctic to see the polar bear struggle?

      3. God will punish me? I walk to work most days, recycle my aluminum cans, and go around turning lights off. I have yet to kill one polar bear, or any other animal period for that matter. Not only did I post an adorable picture of a polar bear with her cub, I run a feature in the sidebar called The Cuteness. Did you miss that during your tirade?

      4. Actually, I didn’t say anything bad about animals or the environment. The joke was about what Al Gore said, not actually about polar bears.


  4. marshall says:

    uhh ive got somethin to sayy.. itz that polar bears are not meant to die theyre meant to be…..


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