This Week in Celebrities

Unless you’re Lou Diamond Phillips*, this was not a good week to be a celebrity.  On Monday, Ed MacMahon passed away at age 86.  For 30 years MacMahon was announcer and sidekick for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.  You may also remember him as host of Star Search or the spokesperson for Publisher’s Clearinghouse. 

Farrah Fawcett passed away this morning.  She was only 62.  Her career spanned some 30 years beginning in the mid 70’s.  She will probably best be remembered for her role on Charlie’s Angels. 

And the biggest shocker of them all is Michael Jackson.  He was only 50 years old when he died this afternoon of an apparent heart attack.  All of the details are not clear at this time.  First I heard that he died; shortly after CNN reported that he was dying.  There are rumors of suicide, but as far as I know that’s all at this time.

*Lou Diamond Phillips won this season of  I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here last night.  He is best remembered for La Bamba, in which he played Richie Valens, who did what?  Died in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper.  So if you’re keeping score, that’s 3 dead celebrities, and a living celebrity famous for playing a dead one.


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One Response to This Week in Celebrities

  1. Doraz says:

    Thank you for reporting this news. They all deserve recognition for their efforts.


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