Days of Summer on Hulu

electric companyFrom time to time I mention what new show has just appeared on Hulu.  My last installment was on Charles in Charge.  Well, all summer long (during re-run season) Hulu is adding one new show each day.  There are few shows broadcasting new episodes this summer, so Hulu is bringing back some old favorites and blasts from the past to tide us over until fall. 

Thanks to the Hulu Days of Summer, Inspector Gadget, The Electric Company, H.R. Pufnstuf and Sliders are available.  Newer shows like Scrubs, Ugly Betty and Stargate SG 1 have been added as well.  I’m simply going to link Hulu  and let you have at it.  Just remember: some of you may still need to feed the kids, walk the dog, and get to a job sometime.

*For the older shows, I like to read the history on Wikipedia.  You learn interesting facts like only two women auditioned for the part of Witchiepoo; the one who didn’t get it was Penny Marshall.  But then again, I’m a nerd.


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