I Got a Deal

mower 001This is our new lawnmower.  I’ve been piecemealing our old one together for 2 summers now, but it didn’t quite make it through this one.  Still, I got 7 summers out of a $100 push mower.  Not bad.

Our new mower is a Poulan Pro, with Briggs and Stratton engine.  90% of a push mower is the engine, and dozens of name brands (and store brands) use Briggs and Stratton on their products.  So does Snapper by the way, one of the industry leaders.  But here’s the deal

I went into Wal-Mart, and they had 4 mowers marked down.  Three of them were the bottom of the line Weedeater mowers; the smallest they sold (20 in cut) marked down to $104 from $129.  That’s actually what I went in to buy. 

And there was also one Poulan Pro, marked from $174 down to $140!  I asked why the reduction; I could tell by looking they had been ran.  To varying degrees, the muffler on each one had changed color because of the heat.  One of the Weedeater mowers had a dent/scratch in the front.  The sales associate (guy that works there) told me that each had been returned with something wrong, and they sent them out to be repaired.  The Poulan had a bigger engine (158 cc’s) and a 22 in wide cut.  It also has the large rear wheels, making pushing and turning easier.  A mulch kit attachment was included. 

It’s not BRAND NEW, but very close.  I saved $35 because of it, and got a better mower than if I had bought an untouched Weedeater.  Thank you Wal-Mart.


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Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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One Response to I Got a Deal

  1. Clark Bunch says:

    Are you thinking our old mower should have lasted more than 7 years? Maybe so. A few years ago I hit a metal stake in the ground, and warped the crankshaft. It’s a wonder it ever worked again after that. Currently, the recoil mechanism is all messed up. I could replace those parts and it would run, but 1) I would be spending money on a sinking ship and 2) it hasn’t run great since I bent the crank.

    I could fix it; again. But the money I spent on this new mower buys me peace of mind. Priceless.


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