Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

obama-speakingPresident Obama has been Award the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, for leading the United States in taking a dominant role in working towards a nuke free world. His international policies and cooperation with the U.N. were praised by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. He has only been in office since January of this year; let’s review.

Conservatives (I mean the Glenn Beck type of Conservatives) are all up at arms with Obama, but should they be? It seems to me like the Democrats should be mad at him, not conservative Republicans. One of his campaign promises was to close the prison camp at Guantanamo; still open. Have the troops been brought home from Iraq; nope. Has the situation in Afghanistan gotten better; if anything it’s worse. Universal health care; HECK no.  (Thank you SNL for you political analysis.) War in Iraq, increased violence in Afghanistan, prisoners still detained at Guantanamo, that have never been tried or convicted of anything for the past 8 years: sure, sounds like a perfect candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

*Keep in mind, Obama has a majority in the House and Senate.  The President’s party has a majority in Congress, so he could do anything he wants.  Republicans should love this guy.


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3 Responses to Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Doraz says:

    Better not to comment on this one. 🙂


  2. tyler chacon says:

    Obama deserves nobel peace prize,because he has to put with a bunch of so called Assamericans that never back him up.He has to make up for old and new Bush wackers stupidity
    wake up smell the coffee it just gets better fedral and state will reduce because there are no tax working people Obama with Hilliary will put U.ASS OF A.BACK In the map.Personally I would let other Countries kill themselves then clean up house.


  3. Clark says:

    Come on Doraz, stir the pot. Haven’t you ever seen a hornets’ nest, and just wanted to take a stick and shove it in there?


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