Winter Olympics Begin in Vancouver

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The opening ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is tonight.  I like to give my wife a hard time by saying the real Olympics are the summer games.  I do so for a couple of reasons; 1) the original games (as in Mount Olympus in Greece) had only a few events and they were all what we call track & field.  2) I personally love summer and only tolerate winter.  I would rather ride my motorcycle than shovel snow.  I don’t hate the Winter Games; just winter.

The Winter Olympics are a perfectly legitimate sporting event, and millions of people around the globe will be watching.  I’ll probably watch the opening and closing ceremonies for all of the cultural elements that are involved.  In 1996 (Atlanta, GA) I actually marched in an Olympic parade.  I was in college at the time, and the Belgian Table Tennis Team used our campus as their training facility.  I teach Cultures and Societies to high school students; how could I not watch the opening ceremony?

I’ll watch a few events in between with my wife.  She enjoys all the figure skating nonsense; I would rather sit through the racing events if I have to watch skating at all.  Biathlon combines skiing and shooting a gun; any redneck can appreciate that combination.  Must be the same people that created a gov’t agency for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  What a pairing.  And I’m sure alpine skiing is a terrific event; if you enjoy that sort of thing 😉


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