(Almost) Karate Kid

I was excited when I saw the trailers for the new Karate Kid movie.  I’m perfectly fine with Jayden Smith, and was thrilled about Jackie Chan.  But when I read the above description (click above to watch the trailer) I was shocked, appalled and alarmed to see the name of Chan’s character: Mr. Han. 


It doesn’t bother me that Smith isn’t playing Daniel.  But you can’t have a Karate Kid movie with Mr. Miyagi.  What the crap?!?  I realize it’s an update.  I realize it’s a new treatment.  But think about it; no matter how many revamps Batman gets, there’s always a character in the film named Bruce Wayne who appears as Batman.  Clark Kent is always Superman, no matter how many t.v. series and movies are done by whoever.  Scooby Doo always has a Mystery Machine, Herby is always a Volkswagon Bettle, the list goes on. 

I was excited by the prospect of seeing the awesome new Karate Kid movie they almost made.


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4 Responses to (Almost) Karate Kid

  1. Dudley says:

    I agree with the problem of no Miyagi. My biggest complaint, however, is that Chan is not teaching karate at all. He’s teaching kung fu. So why don’t they call the movie “The Kung Fu Kid”? Because they’re hoping the name alone will stir up enough nostalgia to bring people to the theater. Besides the title, however, there is nothing that connects this remake with the originals from the ’80s, unless you count the fact that both teachers (Miyagi and Han)are maintenance men. Even the fourth Karate Kid film from the mid nineties starring Hilary Swank had Miyagi. Of course, Miyagi’s dead now, so what can you do?…CGI MIYAGI.

    Now, I’m a big fan of nostalgia. I can’t wait for the new Tron Legacy film that is coming out at Christmas. In spite of my love of all things old that are new again, I’m starting to feel that Hollywood is running out of original ideas. One only needs to visit aintitcoolnews.com on a regular basis to see which long dormant movie franchise is getting a remake/reboot. This even extends to television. Anyone ready for a new Hawaii Five-O? It’s coming. How about a new version of the Rockford Files? It’s on its way, too.

    Just give me a new “Howard the Duck” or “Dark Crystal”and, maybe, I’ll quit complaining…but probably not.


    • Clark Bunch says:

      Pat Morita is dead. He was an actor; Miyagi is a character. How many guys have played Superman? At least 2 of the actors are dead, but Superman could very well live forever. If they wanted to update the Miyagi character, they certainly could. When I first saw the trailer, I though Chan was playing Miyagi; apparently not. It could still be a great movie though.

      Come on Dudley; what about Dumbledore? Character’s do not die until the writer makes it so. Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer were both still alive when George Clooney played Batman.


      • Dudley says:

        I am not disagreeing with the notion of a character being portrayed by various actors/actresses. My problem is with them calling this movie “The Karate Kid” without any ties to the original films. Plus the fact that he’s not learning karate at all.

        In all fairness, I’ll probably see the movie eventually. The trailer looks good. It would be neat if they brought back that one-legged kick that Daniel used at the end of the first one. I think it was called the crane technique, or something. Including that move would be a nice wink to the original.


      • Clark Bunch says:

        In one scene, we think Chan is going to catch a fly with a pair of chopsticks. He then wacks the fly with a fly swatter, and picks it off the wall with chop sticks. Very clever.


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