Big Red: Chewing Gum vs. Verizon Wireless

Ripoff, or tribute?  You make the call.


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3 Responses to Big Red: Chewing Gum vs. Verizon Wireless

  1. Clark Bunch says:

    My vote is for tribute. I’m a sucker for all things from the 80’s, in addition to well made parody’s. I don’t use Verizon, but my respect for them just shot way up.



  2. Brian Moore says:

    If only
    1) Verizon’s marketing team had any other originality besides buying out a Big red commercial from the 80’s.
    2) They came out with a new campaign “Brian Moore uses Verizon”
    3)They stopped playing this “im desperate” Card continually bashing the competition while attempting to sway the competitor while the customers on both sides are vexed by aggressive,vulgar marketing….
    4) People realize that A PHONE IS A PHONE! GET A COMPUTER! because we all know 3G will be obsolete in 3 dull years when we are all destroyed by 2012 and have to live in a utopian 5G coverage civilization..
    ah, i love the recession.


  3. Taylor Spencer says:

    Their best commercial so far. And its obviously a tribute to the ridiculousness of the 80’s. (You’ll watch Youtube on horse!)


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