Andy Rooney, on the subject of Lady Gaga

Andy Rooney, the sage dispenser of wisdom on CBS’s 60 Minutes.  He’s not exactly hosting the weekly top 40.  In this clip, he theorizes why he does not know who Lady Gaga is. 

You would think for this piece someone would coach him on how to pronounce her name correctly.  Maybe the crew realized, but just didn’t tell him.


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One Response to Andy Rooney, on the subject of Lady Gaga

  1. Dudley M. says:

    I would bring up the question “Is Lady Gaga worth knowing about?” The classic rocker in me can kinda appreciate her over the top persona, a la David Bowie. But, come on, “Poker Face” is no “Space Oddity.” I don’t think “Just Dance” can hold a candle to “Heroes”, or even Bowie’s 80’s hit “Let’s Dance’, for that matter.

    I know that I’ve painted myself as the “anti current top 40 guy” but today’s popular music has got to give me something better than Kesha. I mean Ke$ha, and similar artists.

    I love a well crafted pop song. I recently bought Abba’s greatest hits. Now there’s some great music.


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