Too Perfect?

I have long been a fan of The Price is Right.  I watched it as a child, rather religiously during the summers when school was out, and then as sort of a nostalgia thing during college.  The beauty of The Price is Right is that it never seem to change.  The truth is… it never did change.  Over the years the same games played the same way have been wheeled out onto the stage countless times.  The games were based on the retail prices of things we all use regularly, so in truth anybody could win.  And there is no one more aware of all these facts than Terry Kniess. 

I’m going to link the full story here  rather than retell it myself.  It takes about half an hour to read, and I highly recommend it.  If you still watch The Price is Right maybe you’ve noticed fewer winners lately.  That’s not a coincidence.  The show has changed.  It takes a little more (dumb) luck to win that it used to.  Terry Kniess, and a few others, got a little too perfect for a game that was made to be beaten.


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