Big News Day

There may not be any more news today than any other day, but for some reason I noticed.  Here’s a rundown, and links for more.

BP seems to have stopped the oil leak.  That only took 3 months. They continue to drill the relief wells, which will be finished next month, but their latest cap seems to be holding.  24 hours and counting.

Remember that ship on Lost?  They had a 17th century European trade ship in the middle of an island. If you think that weird, they found a real 17th or 18th century ship under the World Trade Center site.  And this is real, not television.

Steve Jobs held a press conference today to admit there is a problem with iPhone 4, which the rest of us have known for weeks.  He actually stood next to 3 foot letters that said “We’re not perfect.”  Apparently shocked over Consumer Reports’ recommendation for using a little duct tape to fix reception, he announced that Apple would supply rubber bumpers for all iPhone 4 users and reimburse those who had purchased them already.  Here’s an article; you can view the entire hour and a half long press conference… but you’ll need QuickTime.


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