Two Party System, short form

There are things I like and do not like about both of the current political parties.  What I wish I can have is the best of both.

The Republican Party is known for being morally conservative.  They are the party of family values, such as defending the integrity of marriage and voting pro-life.  They are also the party of big business, offering tax breaks and credits to the investors and corporations needing them the least.  Trickle down economics never quite trickles all the way to the bottom.

The Democratic Party is known for social reform.  It’s the party endorsed by labor unions, and it has been the past two Democrats in office that have tried to reform the health care system.  Health care is more than unaffordable; we as a nation should be ashamed of ourselves.  While I did not vote for Obama, I frankly wish more of his health care initiatives had passed.  Why did I not vote for Obama?  Because he has the most liberal policy regarding abortion of any president ever.  Worse than Clinton.  Bill Clinton is quite a humanitarian, even to this day.  But remember the scandal, the political cartoons, the Star Report transcripts being read?  Good Lord.

I want another choice. Why is there no political party of a high moral standard that offers social services and helps those in need.  I want the social programs and reforms of a Democrat, but in a candidate who won’t burst into flames entering a church.  I want moral conservatism combined with liberal economic policy.  Where is that party?  We need the moral compass of Abraham Lincoln with the financial backing of FDR.  I would like to vote for that guy.

This is the short version of a much longer essay.  Click here to read the original.


About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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