Bobby Cox, the Winningest Coach in Major League Baseball

The Atlanta Braves will play the San Fransico Giants in just a few hours, and begin their 2010 post season.  Bobby Cox is about to become the only coach in MLB to leave after managing into post season play.  The simple truth is that managers get fired; the saying actually goes “manager are hired to get fired.”  Bobby Cox announced months ago (end of last season, maybe) that this would be his last one.  The Braves made the Playoffs Sunday night, meaning that Cox will go out at the top of his game.  Even if the Braves do not clinch their division series title, out of the top 100 managers – and that’s a lot of guys – Cox will be the only one to retire after making it that season past regular season play.

Read the full story here.  Out of 29 seasons managing, Cox has taken his team into the post season 16 times.  In 29 seasons, Joe Torre made it 15 times.  No one else comes close.  Congratulations sir on a job very well done.

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