As Much As Anyone Knows About North Korea

The problem with Happy Coffee is that I do still like to write sometimes, and some things are more serious than squirrels drinking coffee in the park.  So… this is not one of the LOL posts.

North Korea is pretty secretive about a lot of things.  For the most part their doors are closed to Westerners, Americans, and anyone else who is not North Korean.  The Kim family has ruled since their civil war ended almost 60 years ago.  It appears, and it’s hard to say for sure, that the mantle of leadership is about to be passed to an heir.  Kim Il Sung was the first “president” of North Korea, and his son Kim Jong Il has ruled since the time of his death.  Kim Jong Un recently appeared in public with his father for the first time ever.  An international press corps was invited to the event, marked by the largest military parade in the nation’s history.  And yet, no one really knows for sure.

In this ABC News Special, Bob Woodruff details how things have changed in North Korea since he was last there five years ago.  We get so few glimpses into this country that even the so-called North Korean experts you will hear from are merely speculating.  After watching this 15 minute special report you will know just about as much as anyone knows about North Korea.


Click to watch video on Hulu. Full screen and 480p available.


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