McRib is back at McDonald’s.  I posted a few weeks ago that it was coming; I bring it up again because I just finished one.  McRib, I’m lovin’ it.

In a related story, not only has Wendy’s not repented of ruining the Caesar Side Salad, I heard they just changed the fries.  I haven’t eaten at Wendy’s in about six months so I wouldn’t know.  And as long as McDonald’s has McRib, I’m sure I won’t be going over there anytime soon.


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5 Responses to McRib…Chomp!

  1. dell90wattac says:

    Everytime you post about eating at McDonalds, I get sick. I become physically ill whenever I even get near a McDonalds, I can’t understand how you eat there. Wendys isn’t always better and I usually go for their wraps, but I’d rather eat a thousand Wendys burgers than one McDonalds fry.

    Even looking at that picture makes me wish I hadn’t eaten breakfast… *blech*


    • dell90wattac says:

      Yikes, that sounded less intense when it was in my head. LOL

      I’m not trying to dis your favorite restaurant, promise. I just… it’s hard to understand how people like it to much.


      • Clark Bunch says:

        Did you read the comment I made on the Facebook post linking this? “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but comments hating on the McRib will not be displayed here.” That was in response to a single comment made by Sheri Nutter that simply said “McBarf.” I may have over-reacted just a little.

        If you haven’t seen that, check my wall. It’s not too far from the top yet.


  2. Clark Bunch says:

    I remember eating Bic Mac’s before I was old enough to fit tyem into my mouth. My mother would bring one home and cut it half with a knife so I could eat it. Maybe that was unwise. I never ate at a Wendy’s until I was high school I guess. They were next to each other in the town I grew up in, we just never went in there. Kentucky Fried Chicken or Shoney’s is where my parents ate out, McDonald’s was an occasional treat for us kids.


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