TSA Has Lost Their (expletive) Minds

I’m glad the government has spent the last nine years keeping us safe from another terror attack.  I understand that in a post 9-11 world some things will never go back to the way they were.  I have flown both domestic and international flights since September 11th.  In my experience it is easier to fly out of the United States than to fly back.  I take off my shoes and belt to be x-rayed without complaint.

But when the TSA, an agency of our federal government, has nothing better to do than harass our own soldiers, there is something wrong.  Part of our commitment to the post 9-11 world we live in has been to hunt down Osama bin Laden.  Read this story about a military charter returning from Afghanistan.  They were screened getting on the plane and later cleared by U.S. customs.  They were all carrying assault rifles, and some were carrying M9 pistols.  And the TSA confiscated a man’s nail clippers – confiscated a man’s nail clippers – because he could have used them to take over the plane.  A U.S. soldier, returning home from a tour in Afghanistan, had to give up his nail clippers.  All in the name of keeping us safe; from our own military.

I know, right?

Cathy Bossi has been a flight attendant for 32 years.  And she has been a cancer survivor for the past 3 of those years.  But only since the installation of full body scanners and intensified pat-down searches was she asked to remove her breast prosthesis and show it to TSA screeners.  Read her story here.

TSA – keeping us safe from all threats of terror.  Except for all the innocent people terrorized by the TSA.


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Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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2 Responses to TSA Has Lost Their (expletive) Minds

  1. Clark Bunch says:

    Here’s a video I just saw of a young boy being strip searched. TSA agents are taking his clothes off in plain view of the public. I feel safer already.


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