Wendy’s Update

How Wendy’s Ruined the Caesar Side Salad has been viewed 412 times, and has accumulated a total of 19 comments.  This awesome comment just came in from a reader named Amy:


I just sent this complaint in:

I used to order a side caesar nearly every day. I just cannot get over how terrible the new caesar salad is. I have not had Wendy’s since the change and I do not plan on having Wendy’s any day soon. First of all a caesar salad does not have tomatoes on it. They never have. Google it. Asiago cheese? Really? More like cardboard. Again, caesar salads do not have this type of cheese – they are generally made with parmesan cheese. Your old salad was perfect. The lettuce was nice and fresh, now it is stale and brown. My only complaint on the old one was that sometimes the lettuce was wet on the bottom. I just kinda got used to it and would strain it before eating it. No biggie.

The new Lemon Garlic dressing is absolutely terrible. Why ruin a caesar dressing with lemon? I called and complained on the Wendy’s hotline and the lady said -”you could have gotten a different dressing”. Well, let’s see. Hmmm, I got a caesar salad so I probably wanted the dressing to go with it. I would have just ordered a garden salad then. Especially now that there really isn’t much of a difference. I loved your old dressing so much that I would buy packets of it to keep at home. Anyhow, this salad was always my main reason for getting my family and friends NOT to go to BK, MCD’s, or anywhere else. I’d always con everyone in to going to Wendy’s just so I could have my salad with whatever else I ordered.

I have been a fan of Wendy’s caesar salad since the chicken pita’s that you sold many years ago. You got me hooked on those and took them away so then I just stuck to the regular side caesar salad. Either way, I WILL NOT be having Wendy’s any day soon. There is nothing that is so great there that I need to go. I love the chili but I make a chili really similar so I have no need for yours. The new fries are ok and the burgers are always cold b/c of the huge piece of iceberg lettuce that is sticking out of the bun. All I taste is lettuce and tomato when I eat the burgers. I’d rather just have a Whopper from Burger King. The chicken is blah, I’d rather eat at Chick-Fil-A. I guess the only thing I’ll miss are the Toffee Coffee Twisted Frosty’s. I shouldn’t be eating those too often anyway. (:

Anyhow, I feel bad about not liking Wendy’s anymore b/c I used to really like Dave Thomas and the values and care he put in to his restaurants and the food. All I can say now is, sorry Dave, I need to move on.


I am so mad about this change, they have no idea. They even messed with the ‘Taco’ salad. It is now a Baja Salad and there are so few tortilla strips that it just sucks now. I used to like the old tortilla chips they served with it and the sour cream. I am just over Wendy’s and will not be returning. How sucky. ): It really does make me sad – I eat out a ton (I know, I shouldn’t….but I do). I am glad that there are others out there who feel the same way.

Thanks Amy.

If you would like to contact Wendy’s use this link.  As more and more people complain I can only hope Wendy’s will respond.  Remember the old adage “The customer is always right?”  Let’s keep reminding Wendy’s.


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