I can’t believe there are people that don’t know about this.  I had a friend last week that linked the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, but from YouTube where it’s in 3 parts.  I commented that you can watch it on Hulu in much better quality and all in one piece.  HE DELETED MY LINK!  He must have either thought my comment was Spam, or that I was trying to sell something.  Just moments ago a friend lamented on Facebook that she missed cable t.v. and all the classic holiday specials.  I kindly directed her to Hulu. is a joint venture of NBC and Fox.  They also have shows from ABC, History, Discovery as well as movies.  They recently introduced Hulu Plus which is a subscription service, but none of the free stuff has been removed.  We haven’t had cable/satellite in over 7 years, but never miss House, Bones, Castle or The Simpsons.  You can watch them when you get ready, pause, rewind, or watch again and again.  Unlike some websites, the player enlarges to full screen and the controls (buttons, progress meter) disappear.  I hooked up our laptop to display the picture on our t.v. and run the sound through our 5 channel surround system.  You can’t tell we aren’t watching television.  In many ways it’s better.

Hulu is free and legal.  There is no software to purchase or download.  The programs are streamed, not downloaded, so they take up no space on your hard drive.    It’s paid for by commercials, but much less than on t.v.  Visit the site, see what you think, and tell a friend.  There is no reason for everyone not to know about this.


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  1. dell90wattac says:

    Actually, since the release of Hulu Plus, shows are becoming “expired” in a LOT less time so they can advertise that “HULU PLUS HAS ALL DEH EPISODES BUY NOW”. Hulu Plus is bull****. It will be the downfall of Hulu.


    • Clark Bunch says:

      I haven’t noticed a change since the introduction of Hulu Plus. Shows currently in production (House, Bones) post the 5 most recent episodes just like they always have. I would probably subscibe to Hulu Plus if we didn’t already subscribe to Netflix. I don’t think it will be their downfall UNLESS they discontinue the free services they offer. Switching from a totally free service to subscription only would cause a mass exodus, like people threatened Facebook with.


      • dell90wattac says:

        Go check out The Office and Modern Family.


      • Clark Bunch says:

        The Office has no new episodes airing on television right now, but Hulu does have a “selection” of 5 episodes from the current season. I see what you mean about listing everything, and then tagging some of it as H+.

        Hulu still beats not watching television. Free on demand, even if the selection is limited, is still an upgrade for my friend that complained about missing cable. We also subscribe to Netflix, or else I would consider Hulu Plus. Either of those deals is better than paying for cable.


  2. Trevor says:

    No use to us over here in England, sadly. Service not available here.



    • Clark Bunch says:

      Trevor, do you know what Americans watch on television? Enligh people working in offices, department stores, hotels and such like. You could just go hang out in a dept store and hilarity would ensue.


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