Tron Legacy: Review, No Spoiler

Can you watch the new Tron movie without having seen the original?  You could.  If you’re under 30 and have never seen Tron, you might not enjoy seeing it now for the first time.  Not only have graphic effects come a long way, the pace at which movie progress is more intense today.  Tron was an effects heavy action-adventure back in the day, but audience expectations have simply changed.  Compare Star Wars: A New Hope to Phantom Menace and see what I mean.  If you haven’t seen it and want to watch the new film, then go ahead.  There is plenty of plot and character development, and the action and graphics should dazzle you sufficiently.

But if you did see Tron back in the day, then wow!  Tron Legacy is an excellent continuation of the story.  What they do with Jeff Bridges playing old and young Flynn, at times in the same shot, is incredible.  My friend Dudley asked if that was all makeup or was some CG effects involved and I honestly cannot tell.  I think it could be a combination of good acting and great makeup.  At any rate, the plot works as either a sequel or a stand-alone film.  The writers certainly considered a new audience, with a lot of back story for those of us that perhaps saw it and have forgotten.  If you are sharp on the original script, then there’s also plenty of line dropping from the original, sometimes quite humorously at that.

I was pleased.  My friend Dudley can be a bit more critical than myself, and he was pleased.  Perhaps discerning is a better word; he watched each of the new Star Wars movies and bought tons of merchandise, but is still disappointed by the way the new films hold up side by side with the vintage trilogy.  Tron Legacy did not disappoint.  I’ve tried to make sure and not spoil, you should see the film.

End of line.


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