Conrad Murray, Steve Jobs and Shakira

Murray, Jobs and Shakira go together about as well as Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, right?  These are the headlines this first week of October, 2011.

So I’m on a week’s vacation of sorts, and have time to watch more t.v. than usual.  For me that means an hour or two of news each day; but this week watching 2 hours of news on any given day means getting an hour and half of Conrad Murray trial coverage.  No thank you.  Tell me when they’ve reached a verdict, and quit milking ratings from everyone that misses Michael Jackson.

Steve Jobs passed away.  What the crap?!?  Pancreatic cancer is one of those things that doesn’t take very long.  My father died last year after a very short fight with melanoma.  Hey, remember that “medical group” that advised women in their 40’s to not get mammograms?  Their now saying men should skip prostate exams all together, siting that very few lives are saved.  Whatever.  At any rate, while I am not a Steve Jobs fan boy the news of his passing was a shock.  There will soon be a website for all those wishing to leave an online tribute.

With the nation stuck at 10% unemployment, the White House has given Shakira a job.  Actually, she is well known for her work promoting education among the underprivileged in her home country of Columbia, and has been appointed to a panel creating educational goals for Latinos in U.S.  While the actual news story is somewhat reasonable, all the headlines keep saying “Shakira hired by White House.”

By the way, Sarah Palin is not running for president in 2012.  Is that even news to anyone?


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