Fun with SPAM

I sort through a lot of SPAM; not the good kind made by Hormel.  The kind that Akismet filters for WordPress users so that none of it ever actually ends up on my site.  (Doesn’t everyone filter, or moderate, or something?  I don’t know why spammers think it’s worth it.)

Anyway… at least some of it is humorous.  For example, this paragraph apparently written by Yoda:

An added important factor is when you happen to be older particular person, travel insurance pertaining to pensioners is one thing you should make sure you probably think of. The old you might be, greater in danger you will end up to get anything very poor happen to you when it’s in most overseas nations. In case you are most certainly not included in many comprehensive insurance policy, you can have various considerable complications. Thank you for revealing your current good recommendations on this site.

“The old you might be, greater in danger you will end up.”  I can hear Frank Oz in my head when I read this!!!


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Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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