My Other Blog: Funny Foto File

My Other Blog is in a state of transition.  This post contains all entries in the previous Funny Foto File page.  Each opens full size in this window; click the back button to return here.


Car repair fail

Zombies – Eat Flesh

American Freedom (made in China)

Not O.J.

Fill ‘er up

Sunset fun

Sign for dogs

“Lifted” Suzuki Samurai

Unnecessary Door Fail

“Topless” Sunbather


Road Sign Win

No Birds

Truck?  Art?

“Fellowship” of the Ring

Engine is flooded.

VW Pokemon ball “I choose you Volkswagon!”

Contains 10% sea water.

Ninja Turtle in real life

Very highly decorated

Happy Coffee


IRL: Waldo

Ummm… donut

Cookie Monster

Bikers, Hikers and Alligators

Police Business

http:// IRL

Dodge Viper/Daffy Duck?

Here’s your sign

Can’t afford the cat

Google classic

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About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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