Vitamin C – Smile

In the late 90’s, around the same time as Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera, Vitamin C released her self-titled album.  There were 2 hits, Smile and Graduation (Friends Forever).  This song still makes me smile :- D


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One Response to Vitamin C – Smile

  1. Clark Bunch says:

    So yeah, I posted a pop music video featuring a beautiful girl singing and dancing. Want me to defend that?

    Vitamin C looks attractive without being slutty. While some may consider her dance moves “provocative” please note she isn’t on the dance floor humping some guy. There is no guy. She does show her belly button. Take a look at Brittany Spear’s Womanizer and suddenly Vitamin C looks like a Sunday School teacher.

    There is not one 4-letter word in the entire song. Nothing is bleeped or muted. The lyrics are good clean fun. (Smile, I mean come on.) This song was featured in a Hershey’s chocolate bar commercial.

    “Life, it ain’t easy. It’s so tough. What you gonna’ do? Smile.”
    Look at the life of Jesus and the life of the Apostle Paul. Jesus told his followers, just before going to the cross, I say this so you can share in my joy. Paul said that in every situation he thinks himself happy. That was his secret. Both seem to be saying “Life is tough (it ain’t easy.) Smile.”


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