History Lesson: the Swastika

It is unfortunate that for most people the swastika image is only associated with the Nazi Party.  The Nazi swastika has been around for less than a century, but the image is thousands of years old.

The swastika has been used though the ages by many different groups, including Hindus, Buddhists and Christians.  The word swastika is actually Sanskrit and literally means “to be good.”  The symbol is older than antiquity, being found in artifacts as old as the Indus valley civilization (sometimes called Harapan).  For thousands of years, the symbol has been used to represent peace, blessing, good luck, goodness, etc.  You can find it in Medieval art depicting the Crusades.  It is a shame that today most people see it as a sign of hatred and evil.

The Nazi swastika is rotated 45 degrees.

Much more at Wikipedia.


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2 Responses to History Lesson: the Swastika

  1. It is unfortunate. I saw that symbol (not rotate the 45 degrees) on a tombstone recently and thought it quite odd. After looking into it, I felt a little better knowing that this individual was probably not a Nazi, but had it placed on his tombstone more as a religious symbol.


  2. Suzi Garrett says:

    It hardly was the harbinger of peace or well being for the Jews or many others during the reign of Hitler. For that particular reason, it would be difficult for most of the modern day world to look upon the symbol with love and affection (no matter how many degrees it is turned. It is also referred to as “Nero’s cross”)


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