UPDATE: Apple vs. Samsung

On Friday evening I mentioned the U.S. lawsuit awarding Apple $1.05 billion.  I also noted this was but one of over 50 lawsuits around the globe.  I’ve just been exposed to some new information.  Take a look at this:

In South Korea, Apple was found guilty of appropriating technologies from Samsung and vice versa, with both awarded damages. In the US, all of Samsung’s claims were dismissed and the company was ordered to pay over a billion dollars in damages. Courts in Britain have ruled several times that Samsung has not infringed Apple’s designs. Germany has ruled in Apple’s favour in the past, Holland in Samsung’s, and similar battles have occurred across Europe, Australia, and Japan.

This article, linked here, really gives Apple the business as the world’s largest corporation and a bully.  In response to the American verdict, Samsung says it is ultimately the consumer that looses.  Think about what the Smartphone market would like like if only Apple could produce rectangles with rounded corners and large glass screens.  Do you double-click images to zoom in on them?  That’s how my Samsung works; Apple claims only they can do that, and the jury in California agrees with them.  In the long run, companies may have to think way outside the box in regards to design and technical aspects in order to produce smart phones that do not resemble the iPhone.  In the short run, your next phone will probably cost more than the one you have now.  Unless you already have a Apple product, in which case… shame on you.

Henry Ford built the first assembly line in 1913, and revolutionized the automobile industry.  Today most of what we buy comes off an assembly line somewhere.  Intel created the micro-processor in 1971 and every electronic device, from your laptop to a child’s Speak & Spell, has one or more inside.  Apple is not merely content to be at the leading edge of design, setting the industry standards.  Through multiple court cases that are always ongoing, they have built/ are building an evil empire.  Their desire is to be nothing less than the only manufacturer of smart phones in the world.


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