DOES NOT Looked Photoshopped

Seeing is believing is not necessarily true in this age of digital imagery, manipulation and Photoshop.  While photos have always been doctored, either by splicing pics together or removing unwanted elements, this story defies imagination.  (In other words, I couldn’t believe it.)

This is a famous picture of General Grant in front of his troops.

But here’s the thing; it isn’t real.

Researchers at the Library of Congress did some research and found the original prints from which the above composite was constructed.  The pictures below are of Grant standing, Major General McCook seated on horseback, and of Confederate prisoners of war.  Not only are the soldiers not Grant’s, they’re not even Union.

See this and 11 more stories here.*

*At the original source, they identify Major General Alexander McDowell McCook as Marjo General Alexander M. Cook.  Note the misspelling of major.  McCook is in fact correct, as evidenced by the caption on the photograph itself.




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One Response to DOES NOT Looked Photoshopped

  1. That’s neat. It looks like the real thing!


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