When Will We Know?

We will certainly not know tonight who wins the 2012 presidential election.  It may be days or weeks before we can be sure.

This election is close.  The national poll numbers are in a dead heat, and there are several battleground states.  In the 2000 election, the state of Florida single handedly kept us waiting until the middle of December.  In this race there are multiple states that could have issues.

North-eastern states are still crippled by Hurricane Sandy, and some places are already being evacuated due to fears of a nor’easter.  The governor of New York will allow affidavit voting; after filing an affidavit, a voter can cast a ballot at any polling location.  New Jersey will allow e-mail balloting today, and Ohio and other states will have to consider provisional ballots.  It will be days before we know which votes will count and which will not.

This will undoubtedly end in court.  Additional polling places, provisional ballots, paper ballots, e-voting; the number of unprecedented events revolving around this election will result in multiple court cases.  The issue of hand recounting ballots in 2000 went to the Supreme Court.

We will not know today or tomorrow who wins the presidential race.  It could be a while and it will probably get very ugly.

UPDATE: The state of New Jersey has been so overwhelmed with the requests for email ballots that the voting deadline has been extended until Friday evening.   The servers in two counties crashed because they couldn’t handle the volume.  Christopher Durkin, an official in Essex County, went on Facebook and invited his 450,000 registered voters to send their ballots to his personal hotmail address.


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