Is Santa Claus a Time Lord?

santa, time lordMy wife reasons Santa must be a Time Lord (i.e. Dr Who).  In short

  1. Santa travels around the world visiting millions of homes in only one night.  Piece of cake if you can take years doing it.
  2. Santa seems to be eternal.
  3. His sleigh is a Tardis.

It didn’t long to discover she’s not the first person to think of this.  Yahoo Answers has this very thoughtful answer addressing the same issues above and more.  But wait, it gets better. promises to offer “expert answers for your questions.”  They have a whole section for Science Fiction and Fantasy.  This very question was asked last December and an online discussion ensued.  Just a few weeks ago, as Christmas approached and the thread began getting traffic, this happened:

not constructive

On a blog page dedicated to sci fi and fantasy, this discussion was deemed not constructive.  Apparently not enough facts, references or specific expertise was being submitted… regarding science fiction.  Check it out here.  Unbelievable.


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