Test Driving the Tesla

In the early days of the twentieth century, engineers tinkered with every form of power available; gasoline, diesel, electric, and even steam.  The biggest hurdle for electric cars for the past hundred years has been the size, weight, and quantity of batteries needed.  Fully electric cars are only now becoming practical.  The other hurdle electric cars still have to get over is public perception.  Not helping matters are critics and reviewers that are so driven to see electric models fail that they intentionally distort facts and test results.

Tesla Motors, founded in Silicon Valley in 2003, first produced an all electric roadster and more recently the Model S, a fully electric luxury sedan.  The New York Times, renowned for their journalistic integrity, has been taking a lot of flack for this review of the Model S.   John Broder claims he had numerous close calls and ultimately a power failure on his test drive from D.C. to Boston.  CNN recreated the same test and had a totally different set of results.  Then things really get interesting.

Tesla Motors fired back with this response, after downloading the computer data from the test car Broder was driving.  The car itself, contrary to Broder’s review, indicates it was charged for a shorter period at each station before finally being driven around in circles in a parking lot for over a mile.  When the car still refused to die, he called a tow truck and reported the power reserves had reached zero.  Telsa says their car never had a chance and was destined to fail.  They were unaware of Broder’s well established disdain of electric vehicles.  He is convinced electric will never succeed in the American market place, even if he has to make sure of it himself.  I know the type; please do not confuse them with the facts.

I’m still waiting for my hydrogen fuel cell car, the holy grail of alternative fuel technologies.  In the meantime, Tesla is turning out some very practical head turners, such as the Model S picture below.

tesla, model s


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