I Don’t Get It

don't get it There are some things I love about life on the Internet. I’ve made blog friends in Canada, Australia and Israel. I have reconnected with friends on Facebook that I hadn’t seen since high school. I can Google “snow in Egypt” and get instant pics, or research friend-of-a-friend stories on Snopes.com. These are things I understand and enjoy.

There are other aspects of the Internet that I understand but don’t like. Pop-up ads on webpages and movie trailers on YouTube pay for the free content we enjoy. I sometimes get a dozen or more spam comments a day on my blog (which Akismet does a good job filtering). Companies pay Facebook to “recommend” products and services on my Facebook timeline. These things may be mildly annoying, but I get why they exist.

Then there are some things I just don’t get. Every now and then I Google my own name, just to see what other people get back if they are checking me out. The image below is a picture of… my lawnmower. I posted it a few years ago after buying a new push mower. We’ve moved twice since then and the new has long since worn off. But this pic appeared on the site Doble LOL. (link here) It’s tagged under funny pictures and has been “loled” by 851 people. Of all the funny pics and stories I’ve posted over the years, my lawn mower has 851 lol’s. But I don’t get it.

LOL mower


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Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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