Sunday, January 5th

Last year I don’t recall doing anything particular on New Year’s Eve. In year’s past I’ve been to watch night church services, shot fire works at midnight, was even at Applebee’s one year when the clock struck. For whatever reason we didn’t do anything memorable to ring in 2013. 

This past Tuesday evening was different. One of the new friends I’ve made since coming back to Georgia is musician and worship leader Sean Blockley. Responding to his invitation we spent the entire evening at The Gate Coffee Shop in Cartersville. The poster for the event is below; we also enjoyed Stare at the Son, Asking Solomon and Brianna Shelko. The Gate sells coffee and sandwiches in order to host events like this at no charge. We plan to return there often as well, events or not. Johannah spent the night at Johnny and Angela’s, her first night away from both of us. Thus we got to sleep in New Year’s Day. 

We’re preparing for a little bit of snow that might fall tonight and bitter cold temperatures coming on Monday. The forecast low is for around 5 degrees, and it will not get above freezing again until Wednesday. While that may not be a big deal in some places, houses, business, road departments etc. are not designed to handle it the deep South. I’m not particular designed for it either. 



About Clark Bunch

Pastor (Unity Baptist) author (God is Near) husband, father, blogger, coffee enthusiast.
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