Meet Vincent Carr

I mentioned just yesterday attending a local coffee house for a New Year’s Eve event. Vincent Carr is one of the individuals who made that event happen, and is one of my new friends IRL as well as Facebook. The article below appeared just today in the Daily Tribune News.

Cartersville musician shares Gospel through CYHM Ministries

Vincent Carr For Vincent Carr, music is a powerful instrument to spread the word of God. As the founder of CYHM Ministries, the Cartersville resident is developing the musical talents of various artists while sharing the Gospel.

“CYHM (Can You Hear Me) Ministries began in 2004 with the intent of doing a bunch of shows and putting out a lot of good music,” Carr said. “Over the years, CYHM has evolved into so much more than just music.

“CYHM has a focus on reaching the world with the Gospel by any means necessary. This focus includes us going on tours, outreach missions and speaking engagements. Every artist with CYHM has the ability to reach people with or without music and on or off the stage. So, I guess you can say that our purpose is to bring the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) to life.”

There is much more to this article; please continue reading at The Daily Tribune News. 


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